Condition Categories

It must be emphasised that our items are NOT NEW and although well crafted, they may carry some imperfections and show signs of their age, but this is part of their attraction and charm.  If you want perfect new pieces then this site is not for you!
We cannot always guarentee the history of a particular item, but we try to research as best as we can and take advice where possible. It is our policy to be honest in any description and we take clear photographs, so please study them carefully. Any major flaws will be pointed out and we are always happy to provide more pictures and details to help you assess the piece…

EXCELLENT is like new condition, as if it had just been purchased. It has been looked after and carefully stored away for years.

VERY GOOD  is just that, very good but used. There may be the minor effects of wear or age that are difficult to find without a magnifying glass. These pieces have been taken care of through the years.

GOOD shows minor effects of wear or age. Slight wear to the plating, minor flea bites, small foxing. Small bits missing on furniture that do not spoil the overall look.

FAIR OR AVERAGE   shows moderate wear or effects from age. Worn plating, mild foil damage, a bent pin, darkened or replaced stones, things that do not effect the wear of the piece and will be visible on close inspection without a magnifying glass. Larger missing pieces on furniture. Normal wear and tear.

POOR OR REPAIR  means just that. These pieces have had a hard life but still have enough beauty or use in them to be worth saving!