COVID, Anxiety and Onions

From June 15th shops in England will be able to open their doors again. With perspex screens, protective-wear, floor markings keeping us 2m apart and a queue of impatient people behind me, browsing for gifts or ‘perish the thought’ a treat for myself, no longer seems to offer an enjoyable experience. In fact, I’ve got to buy a gift for a birthday soon and I’ll admit to you, I’m a little anxious about it...

On top of this, I’ve just realised that Father’s day is coming up (June21st) and I’m looking at sourcing something for my partner either from our own site (and hope they don’t notice) or something from my once weekly shop, (which means I may be wrapping up an onion or a bottle of gin).

This had made me wonder what you guys are doing, if anything at all,  when it comes to these special occasions, during this extraordinary time?